About us

M2uur bv advises, designs, and coordinates the realization of wall and facade-filling prints. From ideation to concept development and from material advice to installation.

Making buildings a bit more beautiful

Freekje Vervoord founded the firm ‘Op de MuurEN’ in 1995 to enhance the beauty of buildings. Initially focused on murals and other applied art forms on walls and facades, the industry progressed, and materials with integrated prints made more and more their entrance. In 2005, Op de MuurEN merged into M2uur bv. Over its almost twenty-year history, M2uur bv has completed numerous domestic and international projects, transforming interiors and exteriors into inspiring and pleasant spaces. M2uur bv is located in Deventer, The Netherlands.

Visualizing through Art

A picture is worth a thousand words. Based on this belief, M2uur bv assists clients and architects in telling their stories. Through unique designs that seamlessly integrate with the architecture and the environment, we convey the essence of a building and its users. Our creative expressions showcase values, transform lifeless spaces into inspiring work environments, contribute to recognition and distinctiveness, enhance safety, and add beauty to buildings and surroundings. M2uur bv excels in how we tell these stories. We advise, design, and help architects, clients, and designers bring their visions to life.


M2uur bv takes care of its clients. With our extensive experience in realizing prestigious projects, we have a wealth of knowledge to share. While we work independently from manufacturers, we collaborate closely with innovative suppliers. This allows us to provide open, honest, and transparent recommendations for every project. Regardless of budget or timeframe, M2uur bv finds a solution. We handle the translation from design to reproduction on the chosen medium. We also offer advice and coordinate the entire implementation process.


Preserving resources, using energy judiciously, and minimizing our impact on the climate, nature, and the planet is crucial to us. Sustainability is one of the pillars of our approach. It also presents significant opportunities. Why ship natural stone cladding halfway across the world when reproductions on sheet materials can achieve the same visual effect with much less environmental impact? Why fell centuries-old trees when lifelike patterns can provide the same visual impact? Why rely on short-lived vinyl foils when ceramic prints on glass can last for eternity?


M2uur bv operates in a niche market: the wall and facade-filling prints market is limited. Thanks to our years of experience, we have become specialists in this niche. This experience obligates us always to be inventive and anticipate changing demands and new materials. We have developed various clever techniques in-house, enabling us to digitize existing designs, render unique patterns, and make low-resolution visual material suitable for large-format reproduction. We take pride in our role as pioneers and a leading agency, and we are grateful for the trust we receive.