An idea for a large-format print on a wall or facade is quickly born. But what’s next? M2uur bv has over 25 years of experience realizing applied art projects and wall and facade-filling prints. We are happy to help clients, designers, and contractors get started. We provide independent advice on design possibilities and limitations, material options, and installation. We offer reliable cost estimates and feasible plans of action. In short, M2uur bv translates clients’ and designers’ wishes and ideas into concrete plans.

For whom?

  • Architects
  • Interior architects
  • Contractors and construction companies
  • Visual artists and designers
  • Property owners and developers
  • Building owners, managers and facility managers
  • Government and (semi)public institutions

For what applications?

  • Facades and walls
  • Doors, furniture and glass walls
  • Balconies, balustrades and entrances
  • New constructions, remodeling and renovation
  • Artworks such as tunnels, bridges and viaducts
  • Art projects in public and semi-public spaces
  • As part of healing environments in healthcare
  • To enhance and increase the visibility of locations and buildings, both indoors and outdoors
  • As a replacement or alternative to expensive and less sustainable options like natural stone, wood and decorative steel

What can you expect from M2uur bv as an advisor?

Based on an initial idea, we provide thorough and independent advice for its realization:

• We present suitable materials and installation methods
• We provide cost transparency for implementation
• We specify material and installation options that are feasible within a specific budget
• We inform you about the pros and cons of various materials, warranties, maintenance, and replacement periods
• We assess whether existing visual materials are suitable for reproduction

Contact us

M2uur bv is eager to share its acquired knowledge. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in the possibilities. For example:

  • Architects looking to enhance a building with a unique design or integrated artwork
  • Interior architects and designers aiming to give a building’s interior a distinct character
  • Visual artists and other creators with a commission or specific request for the realization of an (applied) artwork
  • Contractors and construction companies entrusted with the implementation of applied prints in their projects
  • Building managers and facility managers wishing to upgrade their location
  • Real estate developers, property owners and infrastructure companies looking to enhance and beautify their objects
  • Governments, municipalities and other public clients aiming to improve the spatial quality and social safety of (semi)public spaces