M2uur bv creates unique designs and patterns for walls, facades, and other applications. From ideation to concept development, sketch design to final design, we are here to assist our clients. On this page, we explain what you can turn to us for.

Concept development

Every building and location tells a story about the user and for the user. Images help to tell this story. They make visible what the user stands for, contribute to the desired atmosphere, enhance social safety, improve the spatial quality of a location, and transform a building or artwork into a landmark. M2uur bv supports clients and designers in their quest for this. It starts with the desire to add beauty, recognition, and identity to new or existing objects. Through a broad exploration, we gradually map out the possibilities for adding images, ornaments, and other decorative elements. Financial constraints, client and architect preferences, opinions, safety, and materialization requirements define the boundaries within which we capture a dream in a feasible concept.

Image development

M2uur bv assists clients in developing images. In practice, there are three common approaches:

1. Adapt existing designs for reproduction.
2. Guiding and supervising a design process with artists, designers, or photographers.
3. In-house design development.

In some cases, a design already exists. M2uur bv makes this image suitable for reproduction as a wall or facade cladding. It can involve enhancing digital images or digitizing and reproducing existing natural stone, tilework, or mosaic for replacement. This approach is becoming more popular due to its lower environmental impact, cost-effectiveness, and lighter weight requirements for foundations, structures, and installation.

Commissioned design

M2uur bv has an extensive network of artists, photographers, illustrators, and designers to translate clients’ wishes into captivating images. Alternatively, we can announce an open assignment. M2uur bv can guide and coordinate this design process from A to Z, in consultation with institutions and funds for public art if desired.

Invidu: unique designs

Clients can also choose to have M2uur bv create the design themselves. We have our design label called Invidu. Invidu utilizes a self-developed rendering process to digitally construct existing and new patterns into unique designs without repetition. We have an extensive library of patterns from which clients can choose or draw inspiration for a custom design.

Curious about the possibilities?

Our imagination is the only limit to the possibilities for a design. Want to know more about the options? What role can we play in creating a compelling design? Contact us. Shall we grab a (virtual) cup of coffee? We’d love to tell you more.