You might overlook it, but how do you ensure your design can be produced on the material of your choice? M2uur bv is a true specialist in the entire layout process, from design to production. We do this for our projects and clients and on behalf of numerous manufacturers and suppliers. We care for everything and leverage our expertise to achieve the best result.

Technical Formatting

Once the design and material are chosen, M2uur bv takes care of the next step: technical formatting. In this process, the visual material is post-processed and prepared for reproduction. We do this for a large number of manufacturers according to their submission specifications. We take into account aspects such as color management, resolution, trim marks, bleed, margins, and optimal sheet and panel distribution. When applicable, we can include codes and other symbols to facilitate assembly.


If an existing object, such as natural stone cladding, tiles, mosaics, wall paintings, or paintings, needs to be reproduced, M2uur bv can assist with digitalization. Digitizing the original material can be done in our studio or on-site. We use technical cameras or large-format scanners for this purpose. The captured images are retouched through digital techniques and further optimized for reproduction.


We recommend allocating time for testing and sampling for more complex projects, innovative materials, and unique applications. Some of the materials are produced through a traditional craft process. By conducting thorough testing in advance, we can make adjustments to ensure that colors, resolution, and design depth are accurately represented.

From Design to Material

M2uur bv is an expert in translating a design into the chosen material. Want to know what we can do for you? Contact us using the form below. We’d be happy to tell you more over a cup of coffee!