Gea Zwart creates enchanted worlds.


Visual artist Gea Zwart has the unique gift of creating enchanted worlds with her artworks. By combining different techniques and materials, she manages to achieve rich diversity and fantastic depth in her creations.

Born in Hoevelaken, Gea was inspired by art and expression at an early age. She graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Groningen in 1992. Her journey began with drawing and painting, expressing her imagination and sense of color on canvas. But she soon discovered that she wanted to explore her creativity through other mediums.

This led her to the world of sculpture, where she was able to bring her vision to life in a three-dimensional way. Even more layered is Gea’s work in wall sculptures she creates out of recycled Plexiglas. Three-dimensional works, in which color, light, transparency and opacity are engaged in a continuous game.


Gea Zwart

Connection to Nature

Gea draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including nature, spiritual philosophies and personal experiences. She feels a deep connection to nature and this is reflected in her artworks, in which organic forms and elements are often prominent. Gea seeks inspiration in nature, where she creates preliminary studies, drawings and paintings outdoors under the title En Plein Air.

In addition to her own studio, Gea Zwart has participated in numerous exhibitions, shows and art events at home and abroad. Her work is admired by enthusiasts and critics alike. Her unique style and imagination have helped her gain her own place in the contemporary art scene. With funny and crazy actions such as the Mystery Art Box, she makes her art affordable and accessible to a wide audience.

Another reality

What makes Gea Zwart’s work so distinctive is her ability to translate her inner world into tangible forms. Her artworks often have a dreamy and mystical aesthetic, in which she plays with symbolism and natural elements. Through her creations, she invites the viewer to take a journey into another reality, where imagination and reality seamlessly merge, to embrace our imagination and open ourselves to the wonders of the world around us. Her ability to create enchanting worlds makes her a remarkable visual artist who reminds us that art has the power to push the boundaries of our imagination and offer new perspectives.

New worlds

Like nature, Gea is always on the move: constantly developing and evolving with her art. An enthusiastic visionary who continues to surprise and inspire us with her unique creations. Her work leaves a lasting impression on everyone who gets the chance to experience it. Gea Black: a colorful name synonymous with imagination, beauty and the power of art to reveal new worlds.