Fiberglass-reinforced stone composite

A stone composite cladding panel has a core of marble aggregate reinforced with fiberglass. The surface is digitally printed and finished with a smooth, electronically hardened acrylic. The panels are available in three gloss levels: matte, semi-matte, and high gloss. The facade can be executed with fixed L or U corner elements. These elements give the building an attractive, solid appearance.

The panels are 6 mm thick and are produced in length on a project basis. Therefore, residual waste is kept to a minimum. Because the panels are printed individually, all conceivable patterns, decors, artwork, and photos can be customized. The panels can be used for both exterior and interior applications.

Stone Composite


  • Robust and impact-resistant
  • 1195 x 3195 x 6 mm
  • Fire class B-s1-d0 according to EN 13501-1
  • Flexible
  • Low maintenance
  • 60-year functionality guarantee
  • 10-year color guarantee