Central Jam-e Mosque


Central Jam-e Mosque

The Central Jam-e Mosque is one of the most striking buildings in Oslo and perhaps the most beautiful mosque in Europe, thanks to the colorful tiling on its facade. Unfortunately, the traditional, hand-painted tiles proved unable to withstand the inclement Norwegian climate. Therefore, the tiles were replaced with weather-resistant and durable Steni Vision panels. M2uur bv provided the translation of the original tiles into digital printfiles.


World Islamic Mission – Steni


Renovation: WSP




Gevels en minaretten


Steni Vision Custom



Year of realization:

2021 – 2022


Due to the loosening of the traditional tiles, it was decided for safety reasons to strip the complete facade and minarets. Although the place of worship is young (1995), it is considered a culturally significant structure of the city of Oslo. An important condition for the facade renovation was therefore that the old character remain intact as much as possible. Manufacturer Steni Vision turned to M2uur bv to realize the translation from tile to facade panel.


Over 400 tiles adorned with traditional, hand-painted motifs have been digitized through scans and photography. This resulted in an image bank, from which a new facade-filling design was composed. Due to the calligraphic elements and geometric patterns, combined with numerous L and U elements, arches, and other transitions in the facade, this turned out to be a very complex job. Naturally, any visual interruptions and disturbances were not allowed.

Sustainable Medium

After various tests and correction rounds, M2uur bv delivered formatted print files to Steni. The files were reproduced on Steni Vision Custom. These plates are created by compressing marble dust, a waste product, and synthetic resins into solid plate material. Steni offers a 60-year lifetime warranty on this product. This makes Steni Vision a durable material and environmentally friendly alternative to many traditional materials.

Restored to its former glory

Assembly partner Alliero mounted the panels to the facade and minarets with great precision. The result is stunning: a fusion of tradition and innovation. The Blue Mosque has been restored to its former glory and can continue its role as a landmark for many generations to come.

Central Jam-e Mosque