Deventer Hospital


Colorful walls for a healthy environment

Buildings cannot make people better, but they can certainly contribute to people’s recovery and well-being. Creating an environment where people feel at ease and professionals can do their work; that is the principle of the healing environment. The Deventer Hospital was the first hospital in the Netherlands to be designed according to this principle. The colorful walls M2uur bv realized for this purpose form a striking element in the most hospitable hospital in the country.


Deventer Hospital


GAF Architects


Maresa Buijs, M2uur bv


(Glass) walls


Print HPL, Airtex, MDF, vinyl foils

Year of realization:

2008 – present


The Deventer Hospital was built in the ‘backyard’ of Deventer. Fields, meadows and groves made way for the building. To keep the memory of this place alive, wild flowers, plants and trees from the area were captured by photographer Maresa Buijs. For each color scheme from the interior design by GAF (formerly De Jong Gortemaker Algra), a matching flower was sought and found. As a result, in addition to having a decorative function, the photographs also play a role in the signage. A proposal with image selection was made for each room, from which a delegation of employees selected the final image.


The designs are in a variety of places and surfaces. From back walls to light boxes and from glass facades to doors. A variety of materials were therefore used in Deventer Hospital: print HPL,  MDF and various types of film. This involved considering which material best suited a specific location and the requirements and conditions set for that location.

Image Bank

After the hospital was commissioned, print needs arose at other locations. After an internal move, for example, the opening of a new outpatient department or the beautification of a waiting room. Since the opening of the hospital, M2uur bv has been able to meet these needs. For this we were able to fall back on the image bank that was created during construction, but new image material was also shot. The colorful prints have long been a familiar image in the Deventer Hospital.


Since its opening, the Deventer Hospital has been praised for its hospitable character. The layout and design of the hospital play a role in this that should not be underestimated. By using a lot of daylight, organic routes, colors and by bringing the inside out with the prints of M2uur bv, a friendly building has been realized. A building where you, as a visitor, patient and employee, will feel at home and at ease. M2uur bv is proud to have contributed to the pleasant climate in Deventer Hospital.

Deventer Hospital