Edegem is a charming Flemish town that originated in the Middle Ages and grew into a popular village nearby Antwerp. Unfortunately, the charm of Edegem was severely affected by less charming new buildings in the center. It was decided to renovate the Market Square. A striking feature is formed by a once blind facade that has transformed into a work of art, ‘The Wall’ by Philip Huyghe. M2uur bv was commissioned to produce and assemble his design.


Municipality of Edegem


Vectris cvba, Leuven


Philip Huyghe, Antwerp


Facade next to town hall


Sublimated aluminum and sublimated glass


70 panels, 150 m2

Birch Forest

At first glance, Philip Huyghe’s design consists of a photo of a birch forest on a white surface. A closer look reveals details. Small photographs of Huyghe’s mother and the creator himself in all sorts of absurd situations. Often with a wink, sometimes with a tear. Four illuminated cassettes leap out of the flat surface. Like screens, they display colorful photographic scenes. An estrangement permeates the design. Here, the artist tells his story of an undigested past as a visual journey through time.


Huyghe contacted M2uur bv in 2011 with a request for help. He had been commissioned to make a work of art, but got stuck in the implementation. The vision was there, but how to get from design to realization? M2uur bv advised Huyghe in material and assembly options, drawing up a budget and action plan. In addition, in this project phase, proofs were provided and models were made.


Sublimated aluminum proved to be the best material for this project from technical and aesthetic requirements. The final design was post-processed and formatted for production by M2uur bv. The formatted files were transferred to thin aluminum sheets in the production process using a sublimation technique. Under pressure and heating, the ink particles were then integrated into the top layer. The images were finished with a scratch- and color-resistant coating. Finally, the aluminum sheets were processed into 70 impact-resistant but highly manageable sandwich panels.


The panels came ready for assembly from the factory and were assembled on site. Blind bonding to a wooden structure was chosen for assembly. The ends of the work were covered with corner elements in the same sublimated aluminum. Four aluminum cassettes were then mounted on the panels. Each cassette is fitted with a glass window in which a work of art is applied using a sublimation technique. The cassettes are illuminated so that these representations really seem to pop out of the design.


Huygens’ work is the proverbial icing on the cake of the redevelopment plan for Edegem. The plan created cohesion in the buildings and gave an impulse to the public space. With “The Wall” in a prominent spot next to the Town Hall, a real eye-catcher has been realized. This transformed a dull corner of the Market Square into a very special place. The combination of the design and the innovative techniques give the square a unique touch.

Project Edegem