Haaglanden Medical Center


40-meter Long Panorama

The Westeinde location of Haaglanden Medical Center has undergone a major renovation. The beautiful design by GAF Architects makes extensive use of undulating shapes. After all, the North Sea is in the proverbial backyard of the hospital. M2uur bv was asked by the architect to provide an interpretation on the front of a 40 meter long counter. Using pioneering techniques, a continuous photographic panorama was realized.


Haaglanden Medical Center


GAF Architecten, Rotterdam


Bart Küpers, M2uur bv


Counter in the central hall




Approximately 35 m2

Year of realization:



Anyone talking about The Hague, Scheveningen, Kijkduin, beach and sea must automatically think of the Panorama Mesdag. M2uur bv envisioned a 21st-century variation of this masterpiece. Where the real Mesdag exhibited his realistic and impressionistic painting, M2uur bv wanted to create an image as truthful as possible through photography. An ode to the city and its surroundings and a nod to the world-famous Panorma.


Because of the aspect ratio of 1:40 and the size of the work, it was clear that the photographic design had to be constructed from multiple images to obtain an acceptable resolution. Photographer Bart Küpers captured a number of series of 60 photos each from the northern harbor in Scheveningen. Each series has its own unique atmosphere due to changes in crowds, waves, clouds and light. The client and architect chose their favorite from the different series.


The 60 individual photos had to be digitally stitched together. Because of the movement of the water, sky, people and vehicles, this digital sewing took many days. Ultimately, the digital post-processing by M2uur bv resulted in an apparently seamless design. In the process, several small image jokes were implemented for those who really want to take a closer look at the work.


The forty-meter-long counter is used for various purposes. Not only reception and security have a place there, but also a dispensing counter of the pharmacy and a catering point make use of it. Because the counter is used intensively and hygiene is of vital importance in this building, M2uur bv advised reproducing the work on Print-HPL. A 0.7 mm thick plate was chosen, in which the print is pressed and protected by a top layer. Scratch-proof, colorfast and maintenance-friendly.


After production, the Print-HPL sheets were glued to the counter front by a builder. Here, the connection between the various parts listened closely to maintain the continuous character of the design. All this resulted in a true eye-catcher. The long, undulating counter gives the renewed hall a real face. The work immediately evokes recognition from any visitor to the building. At the same time, it contains so many details and fascinating elements, such as the interplay of light and dark, land and water, that it continues to fascinate.

Haaglanden Medical Center