Multifunctional accommodation Panorama


Multifunctional accommodation Panorama

MFA Panorama in Veenendaal is a striking building. It is the first energy-neutral neighborhood building in the Netherlands and nestles with its distinctive pavilion-like form between the greenery, the water and the residential towers. A sixty-meter-long artwork on the inner wall depicts the diversity of Veenendaal. M2uur bv worked the literal sketch design by Marlies Rohmer Architects into a wall-filling design.


Municipality of Veenendaal


Marlies Rohmer Architects, Amsterdam


Karlien ’t Hooft, M2uur bv


Walls and doors


Laminated vinyl foil


Approximately 180 m2

Year of realization:



Behind the glass plinth is a circular wall about sixty meters long. On this, Marlies Rohmer Architects planned an artwork. The municipality of Veenendaal approached M2uur bv to make the design and to advise on its realization. In conversation with M2uur bv, the architect sketched her idea for its interpretation. This literal sketch design formed the basis on which M2uur bv’s Karlien ‘t Hooft based the final design.


‘It made sense to me that the local residents would have a role in making the design,’ says Karlien ‘t Hooft, ‘because Panorama really belongs to this neighborhood. In my design I decided to use edited photographic images. I enlisted neighborhood children to help with photography. We sent out a group of young people with disposable cameras with the task of capturing their favorite spots in the neighborhood. That yielded a wealth of footage. In total, I used elements from about fifty photos that recur in the design.


‘t Hooft’s design is made up of bands of color. These follow the rhythm of the alternating black and white façade and roof covering. Processed photographic images are positioned over the color areas. This created a fascinating mix of both recognizable and alienating representations. The work was executed on laminated vinyl foil applied directly to walls and doors. In the dark, the interior wall is illuminated, forming a highly recognizable beacon in the neighborhood. Energy neutral, eye-catching and recognizable, MFA Panorama reinforces the social structures in the neighborhood.​

Multifunctional accommodation Panorama