Nathan Systems


Corporate identity translation in High-Tech office

Client Nathan Systems is an importer of sustainable climate technology and is very successful in this field. A new head office was as welcome as it was necessary due to the substantial growth the company was experiencing. This building naturally had no choice but to become one of the most sustainable, economical and cleanest buildings of its kind. The team from the architectural firm WillemsenU took up the challenge and designed a high-tech accommodation where the latest technologies and materials were applied.


Nathan Systems, Zevenaar


WillemsenU, Eindhoven


M2uur bv


Glass interior walls and facade


Vinyl foils with satin laminate and Oracle facade foils


Approximately 275 m2

Year of realization:


More than an office

The Nathan Systems headquarters is Co2 neutral. Heating and cooling is done through concrete core activation with water pump. Warm or colder water is pumped through pipes in the concrete floors and ceilings. There is ventilation with heat recovery. Smart LED lighting is used throughout the building. The roof is utilized for greenery and solar sheets. And the building is more than just an office. It has test rooms and learning spaces where knowledge about sustainable technology can be transferred.

Appearance provides insight

M2uur bv was contacted by architect WillemsenU to give the building its own identity. Besides applications on the facade, we also looked at the interior. Together with Nathan Systems and the architect, the possibilities in material and design were explored. The design was based on the rhythm of the facade and the Nathan Systems corporate colors. By combining these two elements, an interesting formal language was created that suits the building and its user.


The glass walls of the various spaces in the building provided good support for the design. In total, some 250 m2 of glass was provided with the block-like pattern. Through scripting, 70 unique variations on the basic pattern were created. This gave each glass panel its own unique print. Digital full-color prints on transparent foils were chosen for the implementation. The foils are finished with a satin laminate. This not only provides protection against damage and discoloration but also counteracts undesirable visibility. The entrance is also equipped with Oracle facade foils to organically direct visitors to the entrance of the building.

Example project

This building serves as an example of how a building can be both functional and sustainable. Nathan Systems’ headquarters is a sustainable total solution where building installations, efficient construction and high-quality architecture come together. By applying designs that establish a relationship between the appearance of the building and the corporate identity of the user, a special symbiosis is created and the building immediately feels its own.

Nathan Systems