Relay House, Rotterdam


Relay House, Rotterdam

In the Rotterdam port area, the Port railroad line is being shifted. The new Theemsweg route is part of the Betuweroute, which connects the Port of Rotterdam by rail with the southeast of the Netherlands. For the Relay House, a switching station on the new route, M2uur was commissioned by contractor Boonzaaijer to create a facade-filling print.


J. Boonzaaijer Construction Company


M2uur bv, Martijn Bronswijk


Exterior facade


Steni Vision


380 m2 (54 x 7 meter)

Dunes and sand drifts

The original photograph did not meet the minimum technical requirements. So M2uur bv decided, together with photographer Martijn Bronswijk, to shoot a new image. ‘We went deep into the Maasvlakte to capture the artificial dunes and sand drifts in a panoramic photo. For this, we used a robotic camera arm, a so-called Giga-pan, and a technical camera.’

Seamless design

In our design studio, dozens of individual photographic images were fused into one seamless design. Minor imperfections and distortions were corrected with retouching. The result is a 54 x 7 m image with a resolution of 72 dpi. The files were technically formatted for reproduction on Steni Vision facade panels. These are colorfast, weatherproof, durably made and relatively easy to mount.


The green, natural panorama contrasts captivatingly with the urban surroundings, concrete and clean lines of the railroad tracks located above the Relay House.

Relay House, Rotterdam