Rotterdam Subway



At the beginning of this millennium, Rotterdam’s subway stations underwent large-scale renovations. Art played an essential role in the ambition to transform neglected and unsafe places into pleasant places for arrival and departure. M2uur bv was commissioned to realize these artworks for the Voorschoterlaan and Beurs stations.


RET, Rotterdam


M2uur bv, Lisa van Noorden (Voorschoterlaan) en Lieke Kester (Beurs)


Hallway and platform walls


Enameled steel wall panels with ceramic screen print


160 m2

Year of realization:



M2uur selected visual artist Lisa van Noorden to create the design of the artwork. The Rotterdam-based artist is known for her multidisciplinary works in which illustrative, typographic and photographic elements are used to create something entirely unique in a collage style. In her recognizable style, she created three designs for this station. She drew inspiration from the themes of “transportation” and “transformation. In addition, the Butterfly neighborhood, the district in which the station is located, was a literal source of inspiration. The journey from egg to caterpillar to pupa and butterfly is reflected in the design.


Visual artist Lieke Kester created the artwork for Beurs metro station. She too creates collage-like designs consisting of photographs, typography and illustrations. Kester was guided by the dynamism and speed of the Port of Rotterdam. The design is composed of a series of repetitive designs, in which the city seems to come to life in phases. The work begins with black-and-white images and ends with an eclectic full-color impression of the city center. As the subway train brakes or just pulls up, as a traveler you are drawn into this story.


De ontwerpen van Van Noorden en Kester zijn door M2uur bv nabewerkt en technisch opgemaakt voor reproductie. De opgemaakte bestanden zijn gereproduceerd door staalplaten te zeefdrukken met keramische mineralen. Deze zijn onder extreme verhitting ingebakken in en versmolten met de staalplaten. Keramisch staal is bijzonder kras- en stootvast, graffiti en vuil kan door het gesloten oppervlakte zonder problemen worden gereinigd. Het materiaal is chemisch resistent, niet ontvlambaar en kleurbestendig. Zodoende is keramisch staal zeer onderhoudsvriendelijk.


An essential part of the renovation process of the subway stations has been to bring unity through the matching of materials and colors. At the same time, the use of unique applied art has given each station its own unique character. Moreover, the artworks increase the sense of security. They contribute to a pleasant, safe environment for travelers and employees.

Rotterdam Subway