Unique Wood Panels Decorates Apartment Complex

25 August 2023

Construction of project Borgen is currently in progress at the Sinsenveien, Oslo. This complex promises generously sized and bright residences surrounded by shared facilities, including spacious roof terraces, an allotment, and an expansive communal park.

A notable feature of the five buildings is the use of no less than 9.000 square meters of Steni Vision façade panels, each featuring a sophisticated wood print.

The wood decoration was developed and created by M2uur bv, in close consultation with architectural firm løvseth+partner. After creating several designs and large-format samples, the final choice was made for the ‘Bamboo’ motif.

This puts the Sinsenveien complex on the map worldwide as the only location with this unique wood print. The design of the wood decor was fully digitally realized using scripting and rendering. This innovative process allows each panel to be built individually, forever ending the era of repetitive wood patterns on façade panels.

Construction is currently in full swing. The first two blocks are nearing completion and will be delivered soon. The Sinsenveien Apartment Complex is expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year.

This project represents contemporary living comfort and progressiveness and space for a green environment in today’s hectic times. It is sure to attract the attention of both future residents and professionals with an interest in architecture.

Client: Skanska Bolig

Architect: løvseth+partner as

Contractor: Skanska Bygg Oslo Bolig

Material: Steni Vision Custom

Format: 9.000 m2

Year of Realization: 2023 – 2024